We actively manage our properties with a particular focus on the details. From meeting regularly with tenants to ensure their satisfaction, to qualifying a contractor for a particular project, to reviewing line-item variances, we believe that a well-managed property can create value. As a testament to that focus, our properties have produced higher occupancy levels than their competition.

Although Kenwood operates a full service management company, its team only provides those services to Kenwood-owned properties.  We do not offer our management services as a 3rd party vendor to other owners.

Our experience has taught us that every property tells an operational story. We strive to unlock the value of that story. Kenwood's principals are responsible for each property's overall performance and we are committed to  produce cost effective management solutions to each issue.

Kenwood’s Rapid Response engineering team is van equipped to be on-site quickly to provide personalized professional building service to our tenants.

We strive to utilize technology as an integral component of our property management strategy. This includes utilizing Micromain® Preventative Maintenance Software to track maintenance and repair records of each piece of equipment. We also utilize Baysis® Energy Management Software to track HVAC Operation and efficiency to minimize energy consumption. Many of our properties are equipped with internet capable cameras. This not only assists with security, but provides better monitoring of contractors from any location.

For more information on our property management, please contact Bill Singer or Phil Ackley at 301.656.7790.