12.29.15 Kenwood Achieves Portfolio Occupancy Of 91%

Kenwood Management Company announced today that its office and industrial portfolio, which totals approximately 1.1 million was 91% leased as of year-end 2015.  During 2015, Kenwood completed 9 new leases totaling 65,655 square feet and 28 renewals totaling 110,145 square feet.   Among the notable transactions were Barron’s Enterprises for 55,000 square feet, Dell Federal Systems for 16,703 square feet, Consolidated Electrical Distribution (CED) for 17,655 square feet, Arminco, Inc, 9,435 square feet, and Orbital Science ATK 7,447 square feet.

Bill Singer, Principal with Kenwood commented “2015 was a great year for our company’s leasing efforts and that is reflected in our overall occupancy which exceeds the majority of our peers.”  Phil Ackley, also a Principal at Kenwood added “Since our inception 19 years ago, our goals have been to provide exceptional management services to our tenants who have direct personal quick access/response to our company’s owners.  We give our Tenants and Lease Prospects results and our high occupancy/renewal percentages reflect the success of relationship efforts.”


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