Kenwood places a major emphasis on Lease Administration because accurate tenant billings are integral to cash flow management and better returns for our investors. We utilize Timberline® Gold software to integrate our accounting and lease administration functions into one seamless unit. Leases are abstracted, options tracked, and any special requirements noted. Operating expenses, annual reconciliations and CPI increases can be calculated expeditiously and accurately. These functions provide for more efficient management and better information to assist tenants. As a courtesty, each tenant is provided a detailed monthly rent invoice. Tenant billings, accounts receivable, and income and expense statements are available in real-time to managers and accounting staff. Our systems also track all tenants' options to avoid any overlapping rights. Timberline® is also used as a forecasting tool to analyze the impact on a Tenant's pass-throughs when various projects are evaluated. This better assists us in understanding a proposed improvement's cost implication to the property and its associated benefit to the overall investment.

For more information on our lease administration / accounting, please contact Mai Vu at 301.656.7790.