Kenwood is constantly monitoring the Washington area sub-markets to identify and ferret out the most promising investment opportunities. Kenwood has developed a strong network of relationships with leading regional and national brokerage firms, financial institutions, and other owners in order to maximize our investment opportunities. Our ability and willingness to source, evaluate and execute complex transactions within a short time frame is one of our key competitive advantages in the marketplace. This capability is attributable to the diverse experience of Kenwood's three principals, who are also the decision makers in any transaction. Kenwood's core investment strategy focuses on properties that offer opportunity for enhancement rather than stable or "trophy" assets in the market. We focus on assets that may suffer from one or more temporary or correctable issues in their tenancy, physical attributes, capital structures, market position and/or management.

As property managers, our tactical understanding of real estate operations is the foundation of our ability to recognize existing issues, distinguish and quantify anticipated problems and price them accordingly into our acquisition model in order to minimize surprises and maximize our investor's returns. Our successful performance can be attributed to our thorough due diligence and effective risk assessment of each asset prior to acquisition. Utilizing legal, accounting, architectural and engineering professionals, we analyze in depth all aspects of a property prior to making a firm commitment. This provides assurance to sellers that we understand the asset, its risks, and the financial impact so that re-trades are avoided. We are extremely proud that we have closed on every property that we have placed under contract.

Although Kenwood is generally a long-term investor, one of our primary considerations in evaluating any opportunity is the exit strategy. With an exit strategy in mind, we focus on making investments in quality, well-located assets that should appeal to a wide group of subsequent buyers. Every asset we have acquired, since our initial acquisition in 1994, exceeds the forecasted investment return established with our clients.

For more information on our investment services, please contact Bill Singer or Phil Ackley at 301.656.7790.